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Post by Shrade on Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:04 pm

Gauntlet upgrade based-

Name of Power: Discharge
Image of what it does: UPon usage an electric field shoots out dealing moderate damage to those in the initial area, afterwords lightening and electricty is constantly ebbing off of akanes body dealing low-moderate damage to any close to her.
Strengths: Adds a passive ability after the use of it that deals damage to nearby enemies and allies
weaknesses: Consumes 3 charges the 2 for everypost with the passive on till it is either turned off or depeleted all charges.

Name of Power: Running Current
Image of what it does: As the electricty ebbs off the gauntlets akane charges up her gauntlets and punches forward dashing and crushing through any obsticales in her way, she can have it charged up and ready to go to send her vast distances through this.
Strengths: Highly destructive to obsticles in path and does moderate-high damage to the target if they are hit, can be used multiple times after initial charge.
weaknesses: Initial charge is 1 post charge up, costs 3charges andthe charge costs increases by 2 every 2 times it'sused.

Name of Power: Power slam
Image of what it does: Charges up the gauntlets and slams them down into the ground shattering and breaking the ground in front of her in a cone effect while also electrifying the ground.
Strengths: Stuns those that are still in the cone area when she slams down her fists
weaknesses: Charge up is 2 posts, can be dodged by not being in front of her.

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