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Piros powers

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Piros powers Empty Piros powers

Post by Piro on Wed May 07, 2014 8:27 pm

Name of Power:Royal seal
Image of what it does: Piros powers 0jotuzK
Seals away a part of my power. Cant be broken bay force. only the King of the demons can remove it completely.
Strengths:Passive power it lets me recover from energy drain. There are only two times when removed temporarily for a fight. Against a high ranked angel or another Royal demon.
weaknesses:Seals away a big part of my power. Cant be used to fight only in the expectations.

Name of Power:Pyromancy
Image of what it does: Piros powers QXbY9Wj
The power to control fire.
Strengths:I can make shape and control any kind of fire.
weaknesses:Can't make the fire die out, And can't control someone else's magic flame.

Name of Power:Crystallization
Image of what it does: Piros powers F8KLEco
Compress energy on a very high lvl until it becomes a crystal.
Strengths:A small battery with enough power for a city to work with.
weaknesses:Making it takes days of meditation and only use able to regain energy.

Name of Power:Energy attacks
Image of what it does: Piros powers QyYoaum
All kind of attack like energy slash or energy shot.
Strengths:Main attacks are like those. Hard to avoid it.
weaknesses:Easy to sens and can be countered with shield or heavy armor for a time.


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Piros powers Empty Re: Piros powers

Post by Alyss on Wed May 07, 2014 9:14 pm

Good counterbalancing! Consider yourself approved~

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