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Dionea and Atrax's powers

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Dionea and Atrax's powers Empty Dionea and Atrax's powers

Post by Chaos on Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:59 pm


Name: Plant Control
What it does: Plant manipulation and minor plant-based attacks
Strengths: Versitility to battle, and grows in effect around more plants and forest etc, uses no mana
Weakness: Naturally weak, does no more than summons thorns and trees etc

Name: Wall of Thorns
What it does: Summons a wall of roots, thorns and plants to intercept an attack
Strengths: Can intercept any attack, magic or not
Weaknesses: Uses 10% mana, cooldown duration of 2 turns

Name: Weapon Creation
What it does: Creates a weapon or tool out of plants
Strengths: Allows for physical fighting, uses only 2% mana to do
Weaknesses: Weapons are weak and do very little damage, tools and weapons are both not very durable and will break and burn easily

Name: Invigoration
What it does: Increases magical ability by using energy from plants and animals around her
Strengths: Magical attacks increase in power by 50%, uses no mana
Weaknesses: Must wait 8 turns to do, can only be done once,does not increase physical ability

Name: Medicine Making (more of a natural ability than a power)
What it does: Uses herbs to create medicines for different reasons
Strengths: Can heal injuries and effects off of people
Weaknesses: Needs a specific herb to make a specific potion, must be done out of combat


Name: Wind Control
What it does: Controls the wind allowing for wind-based attacks
Strengths: Ranged combat and Versitility (all i can think of... Wind is a very hard power)
Weaknesses: Not natural like plant manipulation, and each attack costs 5% mana

Name: Vortex
What it does: Uses the wind to disarm enemies and counter projectiles
Strengths: Can disarm armed enemies and protects from projectile attacks
Weaknesses: Uses 15% mana, can only disarm if enemy has weapon in hand, can only protect ffrom magical projectiles, arrows and guns arent included, cooldown of 2 turns

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